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TEC-Dynamics L.T.D. is a new company which provides high quality IT and Web services to its clients.

TEC-Dynamics L.T.D. targets small to medium-sized companies within the West part of the UK and is seeking major contracts with medium-sized firms.

Those contracts are being served with the assistance of strategic alliances, both with other engineering companies such as OPTIMUM Informatics.

This gives the company the flexibility it needs to successfully secure and complete projects with varying elements. By using existing contracts and joint ventures with other consulting firms, TEC-Dynamics L.T.D. is in a position to corner the on-site assessments market in the West UK.

By year 1, TEC-Dynamics L.T.D. will expand to other markets, such as in Greece.

The market for on-site environmental assessments has continued to be under-serviced in both, UK and Greece.

The founders recognized that there is a high demand for these services as well as a shortage in supply.
Therefore, TEC-Dynamics L.T.D. has initially set the stages as a possible Go-To company for other professional engineering groups that don’t have this capacity.

Our Skill Set

My Sql   —   90%

HTML5   —   80%

PHP   —   99%

jQuery   —   95%

SQL   —   65%

Cross platform   —   75%

Successful Case Studies

Network management system

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Our Working Process



We can explain the concept of website development, from the simplest to the most advanced. We will help you to learn all about websites and how they are designed and maintained.



We will customize your website as you need, and we will create professional tools for you.



Get your new website Online.
Publish your site and share it with the world.
Manage and grow your business online.

Turn your ideas into reality

Coming up with great ideas is easy.

It’s putting those ideas into action that’s difficult.

In order to turn your dreams about the next best service or product into a tangible,

the valuable reality, you need to take the right first steps.

We working with

Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source distributed NoSQL database


MySQL is an open-source relational database management system.

PhP 7

Is the ultimate choice for web developers today

jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.


TypeScript-based open-source front-end web application platform


cPanel is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel

Sentora is an open-source web hosting control panel built specifically to work on a variety of Linux distributions.


Capistrano is an open-source tool for running scripts on multiple servers

Apache Server

is a free and open-source cross-platform web server,


is the worldwide leader in IT and networking.


Is a computer program that performs operating-system-level virtualization.


Git is a version control system for tracking changes in computer files.

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